Christian Murphy
Welcome to my blog!
I am a software engineer/tools developer/game developer in cold and rainy Manchester, UK.
I will post my latest projects and occasional products of hackathons here.

So recently I was kindly sponsored by my company to attend PyCon UK in Coventry.
I had a very interesting event with listening to lectures about many facets of programming industries being powered by Python applications and microservices.

Part of the event involves programming sprints organised for the monday, allowing people to raise support for projects and causes ,and get a lot of progress done there and then

I proposed a sprint for developing part of my Cards Against Humanity clone, which I have wanted to make for a while. Where players can take ownership and control over a web based version of the game and host it themselves.

There was a fair amount of progress made and I was really proud of how much we got done in such a short time.

Sadly the event was cut short by an unexploded ordnance being found nearby causing the event to be evacuated!
Still despite that I am pleased with how the event went and feel like I learned a lot. :)

Christian Murphy September 28 2015