Christian Murphy
Welcome to my blog!
I am a software engineer/tools developer/game developer in cold and rainy Manchester, UK.
I will post my latest projects and occasional products of hackathons here.

Spent a bit more time working on TLDRify, implemented a number of changes and refactored my code to remove unnecessary repetition

I've implemented bad subreddits being added to the list dynamically based on feedback, and refactored much of the code for sleeping to be all in one function that takes different values for neatness.

Lastly, before working on any of this, I discovered the bot had been broken for a while due to a memory exception, this was caused by my comment parser logging every single comment it had checked and appending their id's to a set.

I actually reached the memory limit with the size of this set which caused me to realise this issue, this has also been resolved by periodical cleanups of the sets for comments and posts.

Also, the bot is starting to receive more positive feedback now.

Christian Murphy April 11 2015