Christian Murphy
Here's a selection of game demos and other programming projects I feel are worth mentioning/showing
See also my Github for other projects I have worked on or released openly

Between Summer 2016- Summer 2017, I worked with Burke & Best on Amateur Surgeon 4 for [adult swim] on iOS and Android over a variety of disciplines, involving gameplay programming, UI integration, analytics and backend server support for online tournaments.
The game released in December 2016 to critical praise and success and I continued ongoing support for the title in 2017.

Christian Murphy 19/06/2017

I've spent some time this last few months working on a prototype of a multiplayer 1v1 game about super heroes and super villains, posting some progress gifs here to show what is working so far.
The idea is to make a game about 'in-plain-sight' stealth where using your powers is a tell to your opponent, so far there is pathfinding implemented for NPCs around the city blocks, flying and walking with smooth animation trees synchronised over network play, and ATMS that can be lasered open with laser eyes!

Also I spent a little bit of time tinkering around with mobile games again, since I haven't built something for Android since Unity 5 came out, so I made a little prototype of the game Lights Out! I might polish this up and release it for free in the future.

Christian Murphy May 17 2016

Finally, I've decided to polish this as much as possible and get it out there on
It's a one level demo of a SHMUP prototype with a unique capturing mechanic I wanted to try out. See the page for more details.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Any bugs, I can address them as they come up :)

Christian Murphy March 31 2016

Space Polo was my first android game. I released it while I was working towards my masters degree in computer science

I released it on the Google Play Store through here.

Christian Murphy February 02 2013

Made a start on an interesting game jam, following the expiration of US patent 5718632 filed on November 27, 1995 by Namco, It is now no longer infringing for game developers to make little minigames when loading content for a main game.

This inspired a game jam in the form of LoadingJam. Which I decided to take part in over the weekend, and I'm still in the middle of it right now , but I've got my first working build up on my ready to download and play now.

I was going for a papers please style 'document-em-up' with a simpler method since it's just a minigame, so you fling patents around after judging if they should be denied or accepted.

That has led me to where the build is now, there are 50 scripted patents, where 25 are supposed to be accepted and 25 are to be denied, with some humour hopefully!

I'm still making tweaks to the game and I'll post again when the jam ends and reflect on how I think it went.

Christian Murphy November 30 2015

GRAViTRON was my first foray into minimalist game design and was my Ludum Dare 26 entry.

I released it on multiple platforms including Web browser through Kongregate , Windows , OSX, Linux and Android.

Christian Murphy February 02 2013