Christian Murphy
Welcome to my blog!
I am a software engineer/tools developer/game developer in cold and rainy Manchester, UK.
I will post my latest projects and occasional products of hackathons here.

Shmups that feature a mechanic where multiple different objects can fire for you, flying around you, have systems that close in the formation of these objects when using the 'focus' button to slow your movements. I've replicated this in my own game to follow genre convention and add to the usefulness of the capture mechanic. Here's a gif demonstrating the formations and how they move.

Christian Murphy January 10, 2016

I've been working on a feature i think will become the core mechanic of my Shmup, it's a method of capturing enemies to shoot for your side and I think it fits the abduction theme well, going to spend more time refining this in the future as there are a few bugs to work out still, but I hope to have it done by Mid-February

Lastly , I've been thinking a lot about names, and trying to come up with something concrete, but depending on public opinion I think this is the one!

Christian Murphy January 10, 2016

LoadingJam has come to a close and the results are in The results from the judging can be seen here.

It was a fun game jam to take part in, and I liked the prompt and points for disrespecting software patents!

My game is available for download at

It was very pleasant to discover that one of my favourite publications featured the game in their best free games of the week article where my game is featured partway down the page. :)
Was a lovely surprise to find that on my weekend browsing.

Christian Murphy December 12, 2015