Christian Murphy
Welcome to my blog!
I am a software engineer/web developer/game developer in sunny and lovely Canterbury, Kent, UK.
I will post my latest projects and occasional products of hackathons here.

I felt like making a little mobile game since it has been a while. This is a version of Lights Out I made over the last 2 weekends, I made use of the wonderful open assets of Kenney (known on Reddit in /r/gamedev as Asset Jesus) to create a simple clean look.

If you'd like to try out my totally free android game and see what I've been up to , its available at on Google Play now. Get it on Google Play

Christian Murphy May 23, 2016

Finally, I've decided to polish this as much as possible and get it out there on
It's a one level demo of a SHMUP prototype with a unique capturing mechanic I wanted to try out. See the page for more details.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Any bugs, I can address them as they come up :)

Christian Murphy March 31 2016

Shmups that feature a mechanic where multiple different objects can fire for you, flying around you, have systems that close in the formation of these objects when using the 'focus' button to slow your movements. I've replicated this in my own game to follow genre convention and add to the usefulness of the capture mechanic. Here's a gif demonstrating the formations and how they move.

Christian Murphy January 10, 2016