Christian Murphy
Welcome to my blog!
I am a software engineer/web developer/game developer in sunny and lovely Canterbury, Kent, UK.
I will post my latest projects and occasional products of hackathons here.

Experimenting with an interesting idea, I'm sure if you owned a Nintendo Gameboy at a young age , you struggled with playing a game in the back of a moving car at night, with only streetlights to guide you!

I decided to mock something up in Unity and try and recreate that feeling , to see if any interesting game ideas can come out of that.
Initial testing shows that you can really set the mood quite easily, but working on something that uniquely works around that is the hard part.

I'm going to tinker with this idea further and see if theres a game in it.

Christian Murphy October 22, 2016

I am quite happy to say, I've been a bit busy lately.
Late in June I started working at Burke & Best in Canterbury, a lovely studio in Kent, working on titles of all sizes and platforms.
It's been very exciting and exhausting but I'm having a great time shifting gears mentally to do game development as a full time job rather than just in my spare time.

Looking forward to taking a trip to Japan soon too
I'm going to see amazing sights, get inspired, and hopefully make some more games!

Christian Murphy August 06, 2016

I felt like making a little mobile game since it has been a while. This is a version of Lights Out I made over the last 2 weekends, I made use of the wonderful open assets of Kenney (known on Reddit in /r/gamedev as Asset Jesus) to create a simple clean look.

If you'd like to try out my totally free android game and see what I've been up to , its available at on Google Play now. Get it on Google Play

Christian Murphy May 23, 2016